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1. Office order Pension cell
2. Cabinet Decision for Working Week Duration
3. Employment of Disable Person Whose Father Died During Service
4. Merging of Posts (Junior Superintend & Senior Superintend)
5. Up gradation of Meter Reading Section Supervisor & Meter Supervisor
6. Up Gradation of Pay Scales (Meter Mechanic /Meter Repairer/Relay Mechanic)
7. Up Gradation of Store System Supervisor
8. Time Scale Up Gradation of Dead Cadre
9. Time Scale Up Gradation of Class-IV Officials
10. Tendering of Resignation & its Acceptance
11. Data Coders Promotion as Computer Operators
12. Data Coders Promotion as Supervisor (DC)
13. Medical Facility to Divorced/Widow Daughter of Serving/Retired/Deceased WAPDA Employee with SOP
14. Grant of Medical Allowance to Retired Employees for Far Flung Areas
15. Permission of HOTA for Liver Transplantation
16. Issuance of Power of Attorney in Favor of FESCO Counsel
17. Enhancement in Allowances
18. (01) One Advance Increment on the Basis of Higher Qualification
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