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Engr. Muhammad Amir

This indeed is a matter of pride for FESCO to be a profitable business entity. I feel honored to be the team leader of this successful venture. To me, the profit is actually an effect instead of a cause, commonly this effect comes with the untiring efforts, targeted approaches to work, sheer dedication and mission oriented guidance. FESCO as a whole has carried out an excelling performance in all areas of utility operations such as infrastructure development, along-with emplacing advancement in technology.

The past few years have been very difficult period due to acute load shedding. Utility operations remained stressed due to long outages. Rising demand of supply further aggravated the supply position. I am really grateful to the consumer representative associations such as Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Faisalabad Trade Union and Faisalabad Power Looms Association for their full cooperation and supports extended to FESCO during acute supply demand mismatch periods. I feel that without their help, support and cooperation, consumer satisfaction could not be achieved. I am equally thankful to my consumers who also extended their unconditional support and cooperation to FESCO.

The support of Ministry of Energy (Power Division) as a general and the support of Minister of Energy (Power Division), Government of Pakistan as a person has been a great instrument to achieving all the targets set by NEPRA, PEPCO and Government of Pakistan.

Government of Pakistan reconstituted the new Board of Directors by nominating Directors to represent customers, academia, utility professionals and Governments. The visional nomination of Directors to represent all stakeholders is making the FESCO Board more active, dynamic and vibrant in developing and promulgating policy frameworks for FESCO.


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